Contemplative Experiences

Empowerment and Clarity through Ancient Wisdom Practices


*Labyrinths of Los Angeles Facebook Group

*World Labyrinth Day: May 1, 2021. Free events worldwide. All invited!

*Holy Spirit Retreat Center Hike for a Cause: May 15, 2021

*Interview with Human Design Healer, Allyson Ballou (coming soon)

*Evolutionary Spirituality One: 7 Week Series

*In Search of Mary Magdalene's Legacy: Join us for a pilgrimage to the south of France (coming soon)

*Labyrinth Walk, Breathwork, and Council Group Retreat to facilitate the shift we are moving through (coming soon)

This is the time to bravely introduce new and old ideas, practices, rituals, and 

help individuals and institutions see new possibilities, 

Empowerment and Clarity invoke the leader from within.  


It is tuning into our inner compass and being navigated by our personal guidance system.


Join me and fellow travelers as we propel ourselves into the vital local and global causes that are defining our times. The more that we show up to do the work within ourselves, the more open and available we are to do the work in the world. The world is craving leaders of wisdom, integrity, and alignment to help transform our times.



Join me and many of my wise mentors and friends in using these tools to crack open this tunnel to find the light ahead, the light of your inner wisdom and the path to universal change. Click here to see my latest Contemplative Experiences project.

Throughout my own 40-year personal growth work story, I have found and continually discover Contemplative Experiences that have held the test of time and which bring healing.


Contemplative Experiences offer a way to tune-in with the divine, to let God speak to and through you. We are in a new wilderness. Finding direction and guidance lies within each of us.

All generations that have come before us have had to face enormous world shifts. It is our turn. Contemplative Experiences offer you wisdom practices that guided and offered our ancestors a way through trying times. 

The type of leader that the world needs now is in tune with their higher calling and self. Their inner guidance system is regularly fueled by contemplative practices.

The world is craving leaders of wisdom, integrity, and alignment to help transform our times.

Our times are calling

for you now



I would pay Katie to run the country if I could!


Katie can read the room better than anyone else I've ever met.


I'd hire you anytime to be a liaison between groups; you share your truth in such honest ways

Contemplative Experiences are necessary in order to awaken the leader into service for humanity. They are a bridge between ancient practices and the challenges of modern living.

I offer that bridge to you and encourage you to cross it.  

So come along on this journey with me and dive back into your invincibility.


Our world is changing fast and moving towards you. We're here to work together so that we're all ready for the changes that are here and yet to come.

Time is of the essence...

The world needs us all to be on the right team... the TRANSITION team