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As a regional rep for the Labyrinth Society and a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, I am available to lead private, group or corporate sessions.

Way of council

As a Council Facilitator, I guide groups through everything from difficult conversations to creative, innovative collaborations especially in relation to big challenges such as solutions to climate change


Grounded in contemplative experiences, meditation practices bring us to a  place, where creative, heartfelt solutions are found to help co-create a sustainable, peaceful world of the future


Gathering people together to create containers with balanced masculine and feminine expression for learning and healing to bring about a better world



As a Revelation Breathwork Facilitator, I can bring this modality to our work, to remove blocks that keep us living small.


Join me and my colleagues to visit the sites and the lands where our intended human story was lived.


A natural bi-product of contemplative experiences work is action in the world. Whether it's designing programs, connecting people, or creating and implementing policies, we work to make the world better for all


As founder of the Parent Mindfulness Group movement, I specialize in helping schools and organizations create and develop these groups.

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