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Katie Bull is a graceful out-of-the-box thinker. She has the ability to see deeper into what most people don’t, especially the urgency for people from all generations to come together to make the world a more meaningful place. 

Described as “a visionary ambassador with evolutionary spiritual depth,” Katie has devoted her life to bring the lessons from ancient mystics to modern life so that we have the right tools to discover our divine destiny. Accessing our deepest self helps to cultivate empowerment and clarity.

Katie is the founder or long-time contributor of countless non-traditional programs within traditional organizations relating to business, social, environmental, and spiritual endeavors, such as:

  • Developing the Roots and Shoots Program for elementary children with other amazing moms

  • Founder and Convener of one of the first Parent Mindfulness Groups

  • Labyrinth Society Regional Representative

  • Leader in Undoing Racism in a racially divided city

  • Certifications: Council, Breathwork, Inner Kids Mindfulness Facilitator, PAIRS Facilitator

  • Lifelong student: Labyrinth, Enneagram, Dreamwork

  • Evolutionary Spirituality teacher

  • Revolutionary Breathwork Facilitator

  • Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator II

Having a Masters in Social Work from Tulane University, Katie worked within city governments and public/private organizations bringing leaders together to address the toughest issues of the city. Throughout her life, she has discovered fascinating patterns and common links between spiritual findings including enneagrams, chakras, labyrinths, hieroglyphs and other ancient tools. Her ability to bridge the traditional and non-traditional and ask tough questions about hierarchy that most people won’t dare to ask is needed in this time of shift. She dedicates her life to merging the old and new to help today’s thought leaders at micro and macro levels in society.

Katie is best known for popularizing the use of labyrinths, meditation, and nature as ways to open up to higher levels of conversation, creativity, and innovation. Her certifications in mindfulness, Council and her travels for 40 years around the globe off the beaten path give her the unique ability to help unlock the authentic self both in work and our personal lives with brilliant off-the-beaten-path learnings. Throughout it all, her main message includes one undeniable commonality: That no one can solve the world’s problems alone, so intergenerational collaboration must be the central launching point for it all.

From the finance world to academics, corporate to a variety of spiritual and religious institutions, Katie can work at many levels. She has also had the honor of bringing the work of environmental pioneer Jane Goodall to school children, and she is currently a board member of the beloved Holy Spirit Retreat Center. Kate is active in the non-profit/civic world being of service to a local residence association and a former board member of her local neighborhood council.

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